Terms and Conditions

We are following the government's guidance on Covid 19 wherever possible.

However you accept full responsibility for allowing us into your home, and will follow guidance wherever possible to ensure your own safety and the safety of Norfolk Woodburners

*We will try wherever possible to keep to installation dates given, however we cannot be held responsible if we are forced to delay dates due to Covid 19*

Where a new chimney(s) is/are required (masonry or prefabricated) the customer is solely responsible for seeking advice from the local authority that this is permitted and if necessary obtain planning approval prior to committing to purchase / installation. (Smokeless zones, Listed building, conservation area)

It is NOT the responsibility of Norfolk Woodburners or its agents to seek these approvals and we shall not be held responsible in any respect for any installations carried out without the required local authority approvals.

Acceptance of our quotations is also acceptance of our terms and conditions, which are:-

Norfolk Woodburners: Terms and Conditions.

"Norfolk Woodburners" the 'company'; is the trading name of Whitley and Walford Ltd registered no 07753494.

The registered address is The Old Rectory, Mileham Road, Litcham. Norfolk PE32 2NZ

We reserve the right not to accept work after a quotation has been supplied.

In the following terms and conditions - we: our: us: Norfolk Woodburners: registered installers: and the company refers to Whitley and Walford Ltd.

The company is registered to resell and install woodburning stoves, multifuel stoves and all associated accessories and equipment, and offer advice on product selection. In most circumstances we will not consider any works on old stoves / flue systems to bring them up to current standards, following our good practice guidelines, Hetas guidance and common sense. We will also NOT carry out any works where we cannot issue a HETAS compliance certificate. When estimating / quoting we will make this clear.

Norfolk Woodburners do not accept ANY responsibility or liability where customers / buyers elect to install products themselves or use non qualified persons to install upon their instruction.

Also note product warranties (and insurances) may also be invalidated where products are incorrectly installed and /or installed by non qualified persons.

Norfolk Woodburners have carefully selected leading brand products from reputable manufacturers, whose products conform to the most stringent testing, current legislation and offer warranty on the product.

All installers are registered to Norfolk Woodburners and have their own unique HETAS number. The company HETAS number is 5578.


1.1 Payment: by cash, Bank transfer or cheque only.

3.2 Cheques to be made payable to "Whitley and Walford Ltd".

3.3 A non refundable deposit, agreed at the time of the accepted quotation, is required on all orders placed.

3.4 On all orders where deposits (normally 35%) have been received the balance is to be paid on completion of the job, balance invoice sent, and or delivery of the goods ordered

3.5 The title of the goods remains that of Norfolk Woodburners until paid for in full.

3.6 We reserve the right to charge bank rate plus 5% per day (or part thereof) for outstanding accounts.


2.1 Installation: once an order has been acknowledged and deposit paid we will advise an approximate delivery and or where applicable an installation date.

Installation dates are given in good faith, however if for reasons beyond our control we have to rearrange the date (example: safety issues due to adverse weather conditions) we will rearrange by consent the earliest possible alternative. We shall not be held responsible for any liability for any direct or indirect costs / losses as a consequence of the date change.

2.2 Where we have taken delivery of goods against a customer order and have agreed in principle an installation date then the customer defers the delivery and / or installation date beyond that agreed we reserve the right to request the balance of payment in full be paid by the original delivery / install date.

2.3 We are not responsible for any installations that cannot take place due to to any safety issues that arise, eg: Wiring, plugs, sockets, internet and phone cables that have NOT been removed. Any flammable products that convene building regulations and or pose a fire risk. Damaged external chimney stacks, damaged chimney flues, general structural defects etc. Any goods that have been ordered for an installation that cannot take place on the agreed installation date will be delivered to the customer and invoiced accordingly, as will the time spent by the engineers on site.

2.4 We are NOT responsible for any works NOT carried out by Norfolk Woodburners and our registered installers. If fireplaces have been altered by others, it is assumed that the works carried out are adequate for the installation by Norfolk Woodburners. If this is not the case and we arrive and cannot fit the woodburner there will be a charge to cover our costs.

2.5 Decoration by others is always stated in our quotations. We will not paint walls, fill cracks, paint skirting boards, supply and install new skirting boards unless agreed in writing beforehand. Where an inset stove has been installed and the surrounding area is plaster, there is a chance that the heat from the stove may crack the plaster. Please note that natural products such as slate and pamments for hearths are natural and thus may differ slightly in colour and size etc.

2.6 The customer should be present during the installation. If the customer is not present during installation Norfolk Woodburners will not be liable for any subsequent changes that the customer requires to the installation or the equipment used in the installation, after the installation has been completed.

2.7 We are NOT responsible for any fire surrounds that are fitted after an installation. You should check with current regulations if you are fitting a surround or mantle. We will NOT refit fire surrounds that are removed prior to installation unless stated in our quotations. We will NOT fit fire surrounds that contravene building regulations or manufacturers recommendations.

2.8 All soft furnishings should be covered, curtains should be removed. All care will be taken to protect items in the room of installation, however we cannot be held responsible for dirt on any soft furnishings that are not covered or removed from the room of installation.

2.9 Unless specified in writing by Norfolk Woodburners, customers old stoves, liners, chimney cowls, register plates, twin wall chimney systems, new stove packaging, new liner / twin wall packaging etc cannot be removed from the customer's premises and disposed of by Norfolk Woodburners. This is the customers responsibility to dispose of.


3.1 All images of products illustrated by means of product brochures, our web site and / or links to our supplier websites should be regarded as "illustrative" ONLY as details may be subject to change without prior notice due to the manufacturer having a policy of ongoing product development. We will of course endeavour to bring to your attention any detail changes of which we are aware, however goods supplied may differ slightly as a consequence.

3.2 Dimensions provided by our suppliers should be regarded as "nominal" and as a guide only due to manufacturing tolerances.

3.3 We will not accept any liability to supply additional materials or incur costs where the buyer/customer has provided us with inaccurate and /or incomplete dimensions / information and the product(s) supplied are therefore incorrect or incomplete as a result.

3.4 Colours may vary slightly from those illustrated. Stove warranties normally exclude naturally wearing ‘consumable’ parts such as: Glass & seals, firebricks, grate parts, baffles, log retainers, pilot assemblies, thermocouples, fuel effects and the surface finish of the unit. Liner warranties are 10 years unless otherwise specified in writing.

3.5 Information and contents on the "Norfolk Woodburners" web site and links to our suppliers and their associated information must be regarded as being for guidance only, and we shall not be responsible for any misinterpretation or misrepresentation.

3.6 A product warranty will be invalid if the product is altered or added on to in any way by anyone other than Norfolk Woodburners, unless agreed so in writing beforehand.


4.1 By asking us to commence works you are agreeing to our quotation, this must be in writing or via email. You are agreeing to an individual, registered to our company through HETAS to carry out all works.

4.2 Any extra works MUST be agreed in writing by both parties before works are carried out. Norfolk Woodburners will not be held responsible for works that are ASSUMED to be carried out, that are not carried out, if they are not detailed in the agreed quotation supplied to the customer.

4.3 Where a quote does NOT include scaffolding, and scaffolding is later required, this is the customers responsibility. Quotes are given in good faith, however sometimes when works commence, it may come to light that scaffolding is required in order to maintain safety.


5.1 Any problems MUST be pointed out to the builder / engineer at the completion of works.

5.2 Unless instructed otherwise you agree to us using photographs of the "pre job" and "completed job" at your property on both our print and online marketing platforms where required

5.3 You agree for us to pass on your name, address and contact email address to HETAS for the purposes of completing the Hetas Compliance certificate and if any matters arise that we need to discuss with Hetas either during or after the works provided as set out in our quotation.


6.1 The amount offered to the customer as part of the scrappage scheme is solely at the discretion of Norfolk Woodburners. The scrappage scheme only applies when a new woodburner is supplied and installed by Norfolk Woodburners. The scrappage scheme does not necessarily mean that Norfolk Woodburners will take your old woodburning stove away.


How to complain

We always endeavour to provide the best service and products for our customers. However, on rare occasions, we recognise that there may be time where our customers may not be completely satisfied.

To ensure that we are able to put things rights as soon as we can, please read our complaints procedure below and we will respond promptly to ensure complete satisfaction.

As soon as possible after the completion of the works, please inspect the work to ensure everything has been carried out to our usual high standards.

In the unlikely event there is anything you are not completely satisfied with, please contact us as soon as you can in order that we can rectify any problems as soon as possible. Either call us on 01508 498393 or 01328 700161 or via email: norfolkwoodburners@outlook.com and we aim to respond within 5 working days of receiving your complaint and where possible, will provide you with a date to remedy any issues raised.

Where we cannot resolve any complaints using our own complaints procedure, as a Hetas registered company we use Hetas for dispute resolution. In the unlikely event of a complaint arising and you wish to refer the complaint to them please contact 01684 278170 or via their website www.hetas.co.uk


This covers a like for like quote with the same make and model of stove and all components, including flue liner and or twin wall flue system, that we quote for. It does not cover build works.


Please have your chimney swept, if applicable, prior to a new stove being fitted. Norfolk Woodburners are not responsible for soot damage, leaking tar or creosote from an existing chimney to either floor coverings, furnishings or painted surfaces.

Every care is taken when works are carried out on the roof, however if the roof is in poor condition, (loose ridge tiles, rotten battens, loose or de- laminated tiles or slates) Norfolk Woodburners cannot be held responsible for further damage to tiles, slate, felt, battens lead etc.

Where a twin wall chimney system has been installed through the roof tiles, it is the customers responsibility to maintain the roof thereafter, keeping clear from moss etc. Moss can cause water ingress around the chimney roof slate.

Packaging is the responsibility of the customer to dispose of.

Due to constantly changing regulations it is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure PRIOR to purchase that local regulations permit the installation and use of wood fired appliances at their post code (example smokeless zones).

We reserve the right to add to and /or amend our Terms and Conditions of trading without giving prior notice.