Stove top fans

Post date: Feb 04, 2015 3:52:37 PM

Read what the Renewable Energy website has to say about our latest heat powered stove fan...

The renewable energy website, have carried out an independent test on our PremiAIR 4 heat powered stove fan and this is a synopsis of what they had to say:

You can certainly feel a very real difference when the fan is on. If you direct the fan toward one particular seat on a sofa for example, the further you move away from that seat along the sofa, the cooler you feel while still sitting in front of the sofa and at the same distance away from it. It is that feeling which will keep you sitting happily on the sofa instead of getting up to add fuel to the stove or turn on or up the radiators.

“The PremiAIR 4 is very robust, effectively silent in operation, and attractive. It is still quite an expensive purchase, but should pay for itself multiple times over its lifetime.”

“There are alternative not so well made heat powered stove fans on the market starting from around half the price of the Valiant models, but to pay for itself one of these fans needs to run reliably for a good few years. Our original Valiant FIR300 is still running and looking like new despite being bounced off a slate hearth tens of times and otherwise mistreated (when it becomes a child magnet over the summer months while the stove is not in use).”