Most polluting fuels to be banned, woodburners are here to stay.

Post date: Feb 22, 2020 8:38:26 AM

Norfolk Woodburners are pleased that the government are finally looking to ban house coal and wet wood from the market, with a phase out starting in February 2021. So sacks of wet wood that can be bought at places like garage forecourts and DIY shops is looking to be banned along with dirty house coal.

To be clear smokeless fuel and dry wood is still fine and will continue to be sold. The attached article from the BBC spells out plans that were first introduced 18 months ago.

Woodburners and multifuel stoves are NOT going to be banned, but the dirty fuel that can be bought at the moment is being phased out and eventually will not be available. This is a good thing.

We welcome this decision as burning wet wood is pointless it produces little heat and high emissions and just does not make sense.

The next thing the government need to look at is banning untested appliances that are again sold at DIY shops and tool shops. You would not buy a gas boiler in such a way, so why a wood stove.

The full BBC article can be read HERE: