It seems woodburners are not the major pollutants in London as previously reported!

posted 1 Apr 2020, 00:39 by Kerry Walpole

Interesting report from the BBC, it had been previously reported that woodburners in London were the main contributors to pollution. Seems their latest reports proves this is wrong!
Low pollution logburners

We are doing our little bit to help the NHS

posted 26 Mar 2020, 12:52 by Kerry Walpole

We have signed up to help the NHS, are you helping in your area. Stay safe everyone. Together we are stronger.
Click here to find out
Help the NHS

Another 5 star logburner review. Contact us for a FREE online quote

posted 13 Mar 2020, 04:14 by Kerry Walpole

Very pleased to receive another 5 star review of our service. Check it out here:
If you would like a FREE online quote please email us at:
FREE online logburner quotes 5 star logburner hetas installer

Online estimates now available for logburner installations in Norfolk

posted 12 Mar 2020, 06:22 by Kerry Walpole

We are offering a remote quote service, email us a picture of your fireplace, or area where you are looking to get a logburner fitted, we will then email back an estimate. email us

online estimate for the installation of a wood stove and logburner in norfolk

Feel safe and warm with a logburner from Norfolk Woodburners

posted 12 Mar 2020, 03:14 by Kerry Walpole

In these uncertain times it's good to know that some things remain as they have for years! You light a fire and it produces heat, warmth and gives you a feeling of security and well being. If the electric goes out you still have heat, and if you have a logburner you also have the means to boil a kettle too. What's more reassuring than a cuppa?
make tea and cook on a logburner power cuts no oil no gas

Things have moved on, woodburners have become the safer, smarter, more economical and less polluting form of heat than the open fires of years ago. They are cheap to run, and compared to other house renovations and mod cons are reasonable to have installed too.
Norfolk Woodburners provide stoves in Norfolk along with a hetas registered team to fit them.
Norfolk Woodburners also offer a scrappage scheme to replace old fires and logburners, check it out on our website. We also offer a best price guarantee, 
We will beat any like for like quotation from a registered Hetas company,  using Hetas registered flues and appliances. We only sell the best at the best price! "We will beat any like for like quotation from a registered Hetas company,
 using Hetas registered flues and appliances. We only sell the best at the best price"!

So for wood burning stoves in Norfolk look no further than our friendly

Woodburner not hot? Here's what to do

posted 2 Mar 2020, 11:50 by Kerry Walpole

Woodburner not hot enough?

Check the following...

1/ Wood is dry, under 20% moisture (get a Valiant moisture meter available through Amazon)
2/ Ensure your wood is split, woodburners don't like round logs, split them with an axe or similar.
3/ If you have a multi fuel stove burn good quality smokeless fuel
Burn split woodBurn dry woodBurn smokeless fuel Burn wood under 20% moisture

Most polluting fuels to be banned, woodburners are here to stay.

posted 22 Feb 2020, 00:38 by Kerry Walpole

Norfolk Woodburners are pleased that the government are finally looking to ban house coal and wet wood from the market, with a phase out starting in February 2021. So sacks of wet wood that can be bought at places like garage forecourts and DIY shops is looking to be banned along with dirty house coal.
To be clear smokeless fuel and dry wood is still fine and will continue to be sold. The attached article from the BBC spells out plans that were first introduced 18 months ago.
Woodburners and multifuel stoves are NOT going to be banned, but the dirty fuel that can be bought at the moment is being phased out and eventually will not be available. This is a good thing.
We welcome this decision as burning wet wood is pointless it produces little heat and high emissions and just does not make sense.
The next thing the government need to look at is banning untested appliances that are again sold at DIY shops and tool shops. You would not buy a gas boiler in such a way, so why a wood stove.
The full BBC article can be read HERE:

Eco design ready log burner norfolk stoves man

Woodburner supply and fit special offers

posted 10 Feb 2020, 04:14 by Kerry Walpole

We have some new lower price offers this month on the supply and fit of a new log burner. Check out our offers here:
log stove special offer in norfolk hetas

Winter 2020 woodburner offers, supply and fit

posted 3 Jan 2020, 07:21 by Kerry Walpole

Check out our new winter 2020 woodburner offers HERE
woodburner installation offer hetas norfolk

Logburner offer for Christmas, Norfolk Woodburners

posted 12 Nov 2019, 03:12 by Kerry Walpole

Logburner Christmas special offer in Norfolk
It's freezing and miserable outside...warm up with one of our woodburner special offers! Keeping warm is essential leading up to Christmas, so check out our logburner offers HERE:

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