Winter is coming, get a woodburner now!

posted 10 Sep 2019, 23:18 by Kerry Walpole

We keep hearing that this winter could be the worst in 3 decades, it could all be rubbish, however if it is are you ready?
Get your new woodburner installed now to keep warm. All our stoves are Hetas and Defra approved and all are super efficient. If you have an old polluting woodburner you will be eligible for our scrappage scheme. Contact us now. Winter is coming, are you ready? See what the forecasters are saying about this winter Click Here

5 star review on another Hetas woodburner installation in Norfolk

posted 19 Aug 2019, 04:59 by Kerry Walpole

Thrilled to receive another 5***** review today. Check it out HERE:

Another 5 star review. Building a chimney breast, and installing a wood stove

posted 26 Jul 2019, 05:03 by Kerry Walpole

Norfolk Woodburners have just received another 5 star review.
Customer had a modern house with no chimney or chimney breast.
They asked us to build a fake / false chimney breast in theirliving room with a pamment hearth, supply and fit a twin wall insulated chimney system and supply and install a wood stove. The pictures below show the results. The customers review can be read HERE:

No chimney problem! Fake false chimney breast No chimney, no fireplace, no chimney breast

July special offer, supply and fit Hetas woodburner and flue liner

posted 2 Jul 2019, 06:01 by Kerry Walpole

Check out Norfolk Woodburners new July special offer to supply and fit a Hetas and Defra approved
woodburner with a Hetas approved flue liner in Norfolk.
Check it out HERE:
woodburner offer

Biomass boiler installations in Norfolk East Anglia

posted 13 Jun 2019, 03:17 by Kerry Walpole

Norfolk Woodburners supply and install chimney systems for Biomass boilers and Pellet stoves in Norfolk, East Anglia.
Contact the team for a FREE quotation.
Biomass installer Norfolk East Anglia

SAP and new build properties

posted 23 May 2019, 02:01 by Kerry Walpole

Norfolk Woodburners were asked to install Defra exempt, highly efficient woodburners in new build homes in Hockering, near Norwich.These new build properties were exquisitely designed and built with energy conservation in mind.
Each property was built with a chimney, so a woodburner was a very cost effective way of achieving the required SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) results, as part of building regulations document L. Not only this but it has given the new home owners a real centre piece to their living rooms.
New build wood stove building regulations part L  SAP results wood stove new property

New log burner installed in Thetford, Hetas

posted 9 Apr 2019, 00:55 by Kerry Walpole

We have opened up a fireplace at a property in Thetford, supplied and fitted a slate hearth and installed a new Parkray Aspect woodburner

Fireplace opened, log burner installed Thetford Hetas

Woodburner install 5***** review

posted 8 Apr 2019, 23:02 by Kerry Walpole

We are lucky to have fantastic customers.
This customer in Heacham asked us to open up her fireplace and install a Parkray Aspect wood stove.
The results speak for themselves. See the pictures below.
So if you have a fireplace that needs opening up in Norfolk and you would like a wood burner installed by a qualified Hetas installer then give us a call for a FREE quote.
The customer also gave us a lovely 5***** review CLICK HERE TO READ:

                       Before:                                                        After:
Fireplace opening up in Heacham, NorfolkHetas log burner supplier and installer Norfolk coast

Stoves and Fireplaces in Thetford

posted 24 Mar 2019, 07:43 by Kerry Walpole

Norfolk Woodburners, Hetas suppliers and installers of super efficient wood burning stoves, are now offering our services in Thetford for Stoves, woodburners, logburners and through our scrappage scheme the replacement of fireplaces with super efficient woodburners.
For a FREE quotation give us a call on 01328 700161 or check out our website

Thetford Stoves and fireplaces woodburners Hetas

'Fake news' no ban on Wood Burning Stoves writes Minister

posted 21 Mar 2019, 02:35 by Kerry Walpole

Read the letter here from Dr Therese Coffey MP, Minister for this policy, about the governments stance on wood burning stoves, proving 100% that there is going to be NO BAN on wood burning stove.

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