'Fake news' no ban on Wood Burning Stoves writes Minister

posted 21 Mar 2019, 02:35 by Kerry Walpole

Read the letter here from Dr Therese Coffey MP, Minister for this policy, about the governments stance on wood burning stoves, proving 100% that there is going to be NO BAN on wood burning stove.

Get up to £250 off your new stove installation by trading in your old wood stove

posted 14 Mar 2019, 10:53 by Kerry Walpole

That's right...up to £250 off with our Stove Scrappage Scheme. Upgrade now to a less polluting, more efficient stove with up to a 10 year warranty.
Click on the logo below to find out more.
Trade in my old log burner

Woodburner manufacturers need to do more!

posted 9 Mar 2019, 00:51 by Kerry Walpole

It's about time that stove manufacturers step up to the plate and help the industry market these new Eco Design Ready stoves. I was told by a major manufacturer last week that it was solely up to us to market their products! Really? Can you imagine large car manufacturers like VW or Fiat elling their dealers, we make the cars it's up to you lot to market them! The industry is way behind others in marketing Eco products. We are trying to do our bit with our Woodburner Scrappage Scheme, what are you, the industry doing?
Stove scrappage scheme

Norfolk Woodburners join All Things Norfolk

posted 7 Mar 2019, 01:56 by Kerry Walpole

Norfolk Woodburners are proud to announce that they have joined All Things Norfolk.
'We are proud to be working with a company that promotes all the good things about Norfolk. It is also a great place to showcase our Woodburner Scrappage Scheme, an initiative for people to replace their old polluting log stoves and open fires, for new, super efficient wood burners' comments Kerry Walpole, MD of Norfolk Woodburners.
Click on the image below to have a look at how we are taking part.

Log burner all things Norfolk

Fireplace open up, new woodburner installed. Watton, Norfolk

posted 4 Mar 2019, 00:30 by Kerry Walpole

Customer from Watton came to us and asked us to remove his old inefficient open fire and replace it with a super efficient woodburner from Parkray.
We removed the old fireplace and thick heath and opened up the fireplace and installed a new natural slate hearth. We then lined the chimney with a Schiedel flue liner and installed a super efficient Parkray Consort 5 wood stove. From an open fire at about 20% efficiency to a nearly 80% efficient log burner. Better for the customer's pocket, better for the environment!

Polluting open fire   Super efficient woodburner

Norfolk Woodburners Scrappage Scheme in the press

posted 1 Mar 2019, 09:00 by Kerry Walpole

Our Scrappage Scheme is in the press again with an article in the trade press talking about our Woodburner exchange initiative. 
Thanks for the article Fires and Fireplaces magazine. If you are looking to upgrade your old polluting woodburner why not check out our Woodburner Scrappage Scheme.
Exchange your old polluting log burner in Norfolk

Helping to clean up the Norfolk air

posted 25 Feb 2019, 10:36 by Kerry Walpole   [ updated 25 Feb 2019, 10:37 ]

Hear what Schiedel have to say about our woodburner scrappage scheme HERE:

Norfolks only stove scrappage scheme Eco woodburner

Lynn News writes about Norfolk Woodburners Scrappage Scheme

posted 15 Feb 2019, 10:54 by Kerry Walpole

The Lynn News has written a good article today about our woodburner scrappage scheme
Click Here to read

Kings Lynn log burner scrappage scheme

Check out Norfolk Woodburners on instagram

posted 11 Feb 2019, 09:42 by Kerry Walpole

Check out Norfolk Woodburners on instagram

Log burner replacement service

Norfolk Woodburners scrappage scheme in the local press

posted 8 Feb 2019, 00:33 by Kerry Walpole

The Norfolk Woodburners scrappage scheme has been in the Dereham Times. Read what they have to say below.
Clich HERE to read all about the woodburner exchange incentive

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