wood burner installer Norwich

We supply a range of woodburner and stove accessories with all new installations across Norfolk. We stock Oak mantles, log baskets, wood baskets, stove top fans,
 companion sets, fire lighters and moisture meters. Call us today to find out more.

Oak mantles

Norfolk Oak Mantles

Log Baskets

From £40
Metal log basket Norfolk Stoves

Leather hide log basket Norfolk Log Burners

Stove top fans by Valiant

From £35

Eco fan for woodburners

Fan for top of woodburner norfolk

Companion Sets

From £15

Companion set Norfolk Stoves

Stove thermometer

Logburner thermometer

Moisture meters

From £15
Wood / Log moisture meter Anglia woodburners

Stove glass cleaner

From £4

Woodburner firelighters

Firelighters for log burners Norfolk

Carbon Monoxide alarms

10 year carbon monoxide alarm

All figures exclude VAT